JS -16 ( born January 13, 1975 as Jaakko Sakari Salovaara in Finland) is a Finnish songwriter, DJ and record producer. He owns the label 16 inch records.


Jaakko Salovaara was born on 13 January 1975, at age 16 released his first album Hypnosynthesis. He was educated at the Turku Conservatory and played one year as a cellist in Turku Symphony Orchestra.

Later, he released the album Stomping system, of which the single Stomping System ranked # 6 in the UK Club Charts managed.

He helped many bands to break through as the Bomfunk MC 's with the European hit Freestyler (2000), who managed ranked # 1 in 11 countries. In 2002, he produced a JS16 JS16 Remix and Dub by Britney Spears hit single Overprotected.

He produced today along with the band Mighty 44 songs and is also a member of the Dallas Superstars.




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  • 2009: Ola: Play Me ( Digital Single, RCA Records )
  • 2011: Pandora: You Woke My Heart ( AXR Music)