Julian Grenier

Julian Garnier († 1275 ) was as Julian of Sidon from 1240 to 1260, the last reigning Count of Sidon.


He was the son of Balian (I.) Garnier and Marguerite de Reynel. When his father in 1240 (or 1241 ) died, Count Julian of Sidon.

1252 or 1255 he married Euphemia († 1309), daughter of King Hethum I of Lesser Armenia. Between 1256 and 1261 he maintained a relationship with Plaisance of Antioch († 1261 ), the widow of Henry I of Cyprus, which is why the Pope urged him to marry them. With Euphemia he had three children:

  • Balian II Garnier († 1277 at Botron ) ⚭ of Gibelet Marie, daughter of Henry I Embriaco, Lord of Gibelet;
  • Johann († 1289 in Lesser Armenia );
  • Margaret ⚭ Guido Embriaco II († 1282), Lord of Gibelet.

1256 sold the Julian associated as a vassal to his county rule Shuf to the Teutonic Order.

1260 he took part in a raid on the Mongols, who had just conquered Damascus. When these in turn, the surroundings of Sidon began to ravage, Julian sold his county, including the Beaufort Castle, the Knights Templar and then also joined the Order itself. The city of Sidon was still sacked in 1260 by the Mongols in 1291 and fell to the Mamluks.

Julian broke up after 1260 by his wife of small Armenian royal house, the main Mongol allies, or they from him. However, he avoided the Mongols to provoke further.