Just for Laughs

Juste pour rire ( internationally better known as Just for laughs ) is the name of the international comedy festivals from Montreal / Canada, which takes place every year in July. It began in 1983, founded by Gilbert Rozon with 16 participants as purely francophone platform for local comedians, but now with more than 2000 participants from all over the world and over 20 venues in Montreal the largest festival of its kind grown. The performances of the artists encompass all areas of comedy, but also street arts and improvisational theater have become integral parts of the festival.

For many now successful comedians " Juste pour rire " marked the start of her career. For example, joined Rowan Atkinson, international success later as Mr. Bean, in 1987 on here. From Germany, the team of RTL Samstag Nacht and 2010 Michael Mittermeier Meier in 1995 as a guest.