Michael Mittermeier

Michael Fritz Mitter Meier ( born April 3, 1966 in Villages, Upper Bavaria ) is a German comedian, writer and singer, who with his programs modern stand-up comedy with elements of classic cabaret.


Mitter Meier began to study in Munich Political Science and American Studies at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University, after graduating high school monastery in Gars am Inn. In 1994 he wrote his master's thesis on the topic "American stand-up comedy ."

Career start

Mitter Meier 's since his youth fan of U2. At a concert in the Olympic Hall in Munich on July 21, 1987, he stood in the front row and witnessed " first hand " as Bono sang the song People Get Ready by the Impressions. As Bono but playful on the guitar twice and then asked the audience if anyone could play the guitar, to Mitter Meier reported and was subsequently pulled from the Security on the stage. And after Bono had just shown him the three chords and explains Mitter Meier actually played People Get Ready with his idol Bono. According to Mittermeier's own words, had become to him at that moment realized that he wanted to work as a stage artist and come for him no other life out of the question. Twenty years later handed Mitter Meier as award presenter at the Echo 2007 Bono special award for global engagement.

Artistic Career

Made famous by its program Zapped (1996 ) Michael Mittermeier Meier toured through Germany, Austria and Switzerland and participated in various television shows in the comedy field, but also at Wetten, dass. ? in part. The best-known parts of Zapped are parodies of commercials from Yogurette and AOK and the consignment reference number XY ... unresolved and the U.S. television series MacGyver. The latter became a running gag. Even in the current programs, there are always references to MacGyver.

Mittermeier's other stage shows were called delusional Sensual (1990 ), Back to Life (2002), Paranoid (2004), Safari (2007), Achtung Baby (2010) and Blackout ( 2013). He made the term " tramp stamp " popular and had success with the music project Mitter Meier vs. Guano Babes ( Guano Apes, were unable to use their normal band name for contractual reasons ) and the common single Kumba Yo!

Michael Mittermeier Meier occurs regularly since 1992 on the stage of stand-up club " Nonsense Comedy Club" in Berlin, which also belongs to him along with Thomas Hermanns and the performer of the figure Atze Schröder.

2001 met Michael Mitter Meier his heroes U2 at a concert at the Berlin forest stage again: Since, due to a storm, the sound check for the actual support Söhne Mannheims could not take place, and thus their appearance had to be canceled, was engaged ado the present in the audience Mitter Meier as a temporary support. Spontaneous says to this and performs excerpts of his new program, Back to Life on.

He played in 2004 and 2005 in English in New York comedy clubs. On 2 July 2005 Mitter Meier moderated along with Anne Will, the event on the Live8 concert in Berlin.

The end of 2006 he finished his program Paranoid, and from April 2007 he toured with a stand -up program Stand Up! - Freestyle Comedy with Michael Mittermeier Meier through Germany and Austria. On 7 July 2007, he appeared in Hamburg at Al Gore's Live Earth.

His program had Safari on October 2, 2007 at the sold-out Circus-Krone- Bau in Munich premiere.

On 22 and 23 October 2008, belonging to Safari DVD was also included in Circus Krone. During a performance on October 14, 2009 in Munich, the DVD has been awarded 3 times gold.

In the Disney movie Lilly the Witch 2009 Michael Mittermeier Meier speaks the voice of the animated dragon Hektor. In the continuation of Lilly the Witch: The Journey to Mandolan he took again the same voice.

In early 2010 traveled to Cape Town Mitter Meier and where he took part in an international comedy festival in part be the first comedian from Germany. The documentation Michael Mittermeier Meier in Cape Town, which was created during this trip, was published on 11 June 2010.

About the birth of his daughter and his experiences as a father Mitter Meier wrote the book Achtung Baby! - The name of an album by U2 - which was released on 22 February 2010. Achtung Baby! is also the title of his new stage show, which premiered in Circus Krone Munich on October 18, 2010.

In October 2010, the movie This Prison Where I Live, which is documented appeared as Mitter Meier along with Rex Bloom stone will travel to Burma to talk to the imprisoned comedian Zarganar over its fate. A year later, Zarganar was, not least at the instigation Mittermeier, released from prison.

Since autumn 2013 Mitter Meier is with his program "Blackout" on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Since 1998 Michael Mittermeier Meier is with the singer Gudrun Allwang, also known by her stage name Somersault, married. The living in Pullach couple has a daughter named Lilly, who has been featured in Mittermeier's book and thus toothed live program " Achtung Baby! " As the main indirect public figure. His older brother Alfred Mitter Meier is also a cabaret artist. His father worked as an auctioneer.

Social Commitment

Mitter Meier supports the " Make Poverty History " and the developmental organization ONE. Mitter Meier committed to and politically next to the stage and describes himself as politically left and Green voters, to which there was no alternative for him.

On April 25, 2008, Michael Mittermeier Meier spoke as a co-signatory of an open letter from the Chancellor on a full-page ad in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the newspaper against file sharing.

Mitter Meier also committed to human rights. He was godfather to the initiative A Logo for Human Rights and hosted the presentation of the initiative on May 3, 2011.

Discography and releases

Audio CDs