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Guano Apes is an existing interruption since 1990 with German rock band from Göttingen. So far, she has sold over 4 million records worldwide.

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1990-2000: Foundation and Proud Like a God

In 1990 Henning Rümenapp, Dennis Poschwatta and Stefan Ude founded in Göttingen, the band Guano Apes. 1994 met Sandra Našić to them. The four had their first success when they prevailed in 1996 when the talent competition "Local Heroes", which was organized by Radio ffn and VIVA, over 1000 competitors. Your first live performance had the Guano Apes on 10 March 1994 in Moringen.

With the prize money donated by the state of Lower Saxony they financed their first album Proud Like a God, which appeared in 1997. The reaction to the plate was restrained at the beginning something. But that changed pretty quickly, and the album could hold more than a year in the German charts. The coupled- singles " Open Your Eyes " and " Lords of the Boards " became hits and are still well-known songs of the band. " Lords of the Boards " was ordered for the Snowboard World Championships. Mandatory was just the title of " Lords of the Boards " and he had to be integrated into the song. There followed a 18-month tour of Europe and the United States, which made ​​the band known internationally and the first album with over 3 million copies, made ​​it one of the best selling debut albums. The Group received the IFPI award.

The Guano Apes were one of the first German musical groups, making intensive use of the Internet. Responsible for this was the designer Mudersbach Friedel, who designed the complete "visual image" of the band. He was honored for the cover design, the multimedia parts on the CDs and DVDs and for the concept and design of the website in 2001 with the German music award Echo.

2000-2004: Do not Give Me Names and Walking on a Thin Line

In 2000 they released their second album Do not Give Me Names. The plate was honored with an echo and an MTV Music Award. The decoupled single " Big in Japan " (originally by Alphaville ) was a success.

This appeared in 2003 's third album Walking on a Thin Line continued the international success of its predecessor. In September of that year, the band surprisingly announced a break, because the members of his own words just intend to concentrate on solo projects.

2004-2006: Lost ( T) apes and resolution

In 2004, they had three performances at smaller festivals. On November 15, 2004, she released the single "Break the Line". Sandra Našić said in an interview that the band would have less and less understood. According to Dennis, but was also the subject of money, a not insignificant separation principle:

"Basically, we went to the filthy lucre - money. That is also the most common problem, which is why bands break up. If a halt thinks he is a born rock star or whatever, if you just lose the ground - this could ego now time designate. It was also not possible to Sandra to bring back on the earth. If you will be confirmed in its environment even by lawyers in dimwitted things or opinions, which is difficult. It's like a marriage or relationship - at some point there is noise, then it's no longer just ".

Lastly, the band released their second DVD Planet of the Apes / The Documentary. It was followed by the farewell tour "Planet of the Apes ". They played their last concert at the Jolly Joker in Braunschweig. On 1 December 2006 the album Lost ( T) apes appeared, this one is also available as a double CD under the name The Best and the Lost (T) Apes. The plate contains demo tracks from the years 1994 to 1995.

2006-2008: After the resolution

The individual musicians work all continue in the music business. Dennis Poschwatta published in 2006 with the former guano mixer "G -Ball " under the name Tamoto an album on Gun Records and in 2007 an EP on the online -only label Fuego. This project also Stefan Ude and Henning Rümenapp participate. Henning Rümenapp active as a music teacher and lecturer and participates in various committees of the German music culture. Singer Sandra Našić published on 28 September 2007 her solo album The Signal. Henning Rümenapp, Dennis Poschwatta and Stefan Ude, together with R ' n' B singer Charles Simmons founded in September 2006, the band is OK, with the 2007 they played over 50 concerts. On 1 August 2008 she released her first album For the Masses.

2009: Comeback

In 2009, the band came together again and played in the summer festivals in Europe. To comeback to band member Henning expressed as follows:

"Eventually he came back then and said, 'I 'm with Sandra spoken and has also Bock and both of us could imagine with you to play some European festivals ' Then we met and only once groped us carefully to each other.. It was far easier than it is any thought or fear of us. We have noticed that a lot has changed. Each of us has become much more relaxed. We started with 18 years ago, have made ​​the 300 days a year for eleven years, and now everyone once had time to lead a private life and to gain a lot of other experiences and impulses. "

Guano Apes played on June 5th and 7th 2009 at the rock festival Rock im Park and Rock am Ring. On the Tuborg Green Festival Festival in Bucharest, the last leg of the festival tour, the group announced a new studio album for 2010. It finally appeared on 1 April 2011 under the title of Bel Air, the first single is Oh What a Night, which was released on March 18.

" We wanted to find myself first for us. On the very last concert of the season we sat in Nightliner together and discussed: How's that for everyone? Does that feel good?? Let's go ' Then all have unanimously decided ,' We make a record. ' "

The reasons for the separation and reunification after 4 years assigns the band with the temporal distance differently than it did in 2004, and speaks openly about it in recent interviews:

"This is just a natural way. You can not with so much at full throttle, as we have been for this band since school, his ten years non-stop traveling. That just does not. You powerst sometime completely. For me it was important to again live a normal life. "

"Once or at all times. It's also no secret that we have gefetzt us because we are hung so long together. We then approached us in the past few years slowly together. The decision after the last concert making a record, was almost set up a bit like a band again. This is now also a new era for the Guano Apes. "



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