Justin Jules

Justin Jules ( born September 20, 1986 in Sartrouville ) is a French road racing cyclist.

Justin Jules won 2010, the two -day race Circuit de la Vallée de la Loire and Ronde MAYENNAISE, as well as a stage of the Circuit des plages Vendéennes. The next year he went to the French Continental team Vélo Club La Pomme Marseille, where he won a stage of the Tour of Hainan and the Criterium de Levallois. After a year at Véranda Rideau Super U in 2013 he moved back to La Pomme Marseille. Right at the beginning of the season he won the Grand Prix d' Ouverture day race La Marseillaise.

Justin Jules is the son of racing driver Jules Pascal, who could decide among other things, a Tour de France stage itself. About a year after Justin's birth, his father died in a car accident.


  • A stage in the Tour of Hainan
  • Grand Prix d' Ouverture La Marseillaise


  • 2006 VC Les Mureaux
  • 2007 CA Mantes
  • 2008 OC Val d' Oise
  • 2009 OC Val d' Oise
  • 2010 Vendée U
  • 2011 Vélo Club La Pomme Marseille
  • 2012 Véranda Rideau Super U
  • 2013 La Pomme Marseille