Justus van Egmont

Justus van Egmont (* September 22, 1601 in Leiden, † January 8, 1674 in Antwerp) was a Dutch painter.


Justus van Egmont was born in 1602 in Leiden. He worked from 1615 in the studio of Caspar van den Hoecke in Antwerp, came to Peter Paul Rubens and later helped this in the execution of his works.

In 1628 he enrolled as a master with the admixture " Rubens ". But in the same year he left Antwerp and traveled to Paris, where he court painter to the king Louis XIII. and XIV was. In 1648 he was one of the first members of the twelve donated in the same year, Parisian architecture and sculpture academy. Around 1660 he returned to Antwerp, where he died on January 8, 1674.


Egmont was primarily a portrait painter and held all the way to Rubens ' way. But he did not reach its vitality. Its flavor is smooth, his treatment of petty.

Pictures of him can be found in Vienna (portraits of King Philip IV of Spain and the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm ), Schleißheim ( Mary of Medicis ), Rome ( Port. of Queen Christina of Sweden, Palazzo Corsini ), fountain ( high altarpiece of the Federal chapel ) and others O.