JZ Knight

JZ Knight ( born March 16, 1946 in Roswell as Judith Darlene Hampton) is the founder of a new religious movement by the divine spirit Ramtha, as its medium to occur since 1978. The movement organized mainly in the Knight led Ramtha 's School of Enlightenment, based in their home Yelm, Washington. Her teaching combines ideas from Hinduism, Gnosticism and neo-paganism with explanatory models of physics and psychology.

Knight is the author of several partially translated into various languages ​​books around Ramtha and was a guest in popular television programs. 2008 By its followers visited more than 6000 Ramtha 's School of Enlightenment, and celebrities such as Linda Evans and Shirley MacLaine known to Ramtha. Critics call Knight as manipulative " sect leader " and Ramtha as cheating construct for takings.


Judith Darlene Hampton was born in 1946 as the daughter of farm workers, and raised to be a Baptist. She graduated from high school, attending a college was denied her. Instead, she married and became a mother of two sons. After the divorce in 1969 she began to work in the television industry, remarried and settled in Tacoma. In 1978, she began as Channel behalf to speak of a spirit who was described by her as a 35,000 -year-old Lemurian named Ramtha, which had been lit for a life as a warrior and lived through as " ascended master " various incarnations, including as Rama. He had JZ Knight been chosen to help humanity to enlightenment and " the God within himself to become one " as Ramtha. JZ Knight began to hold public meetings and won in the following years through television appearances, tours, celebrity support and their 1987 published by Warner Books autobiography, A State of Mind: My Story popularity.

JZ Knight had first tried to organize their teaching in the form of the Church I Am and then founded 1988, Ramtha 's School of Enlightenment were offered to the spiritual courses. In 1989, she divorced her mid-eighties geheirateten husband Jeffrey Knight, who later sued to obtain a higher share in the revenue from the school and the sale of Ramtha products. In 1997, Knight successfully fought the Austrian Supreme Court the sole rights to the name Ramtha after another woman in seminars had occurred as a medium Ramtha.

In 2004, an interview with JZ Knight appeared in the film What the Bleep do we (k ) now!? , Which was produced by students of its School of Enlightenment.