K- Maro ( born January 31, 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon, civil Cyril Kamar ) is a French-language R & B singer, who currently resides in Montreal, Canada.


To escape political persecution in Lebanon, the family of Kamar moved shortly after his birth to Paris. In 1995 he moved to Montréal. There, the Lebanese singer formed his first band, the ( Les messagers You Son) was called LMDS. With French-speaking hip-hop LMDS reached the local charts.

After four years of joint work Kamar began to build a solo career. DJ Shortcut produced for him the album " L' ancienne à I am ." The first single Symphonie pour un Dingue reached in the Canadian Charts Platz 1, Le Clan Chill only place 4th 2003, he founded his own label K- Pone inc There he brought out the album La Good Life. With his first single Femme Like U he made the breakthrough in Europe. In July 2004, the single debuted in the Swiss charts and reached in September for six weeks number 1 in the charts of the neighboring countries, the single was also able to place. In France, the single debuted in October 2004 to No. 2 in the German Single Charts K- Maro reached in January 2005, the top ten.

The end of 2005 he released his third album, Million Dollar Boy out. At the first single from the album Histoire de Luv French singer Shy'm was involved. In 2006 he produced together with DJ Shortcut Album Platinum Remixes. Then are the best songs of the past decade to find remixed versions. He took his former singing partner Vai on his label K- Pone Inc. under contract and produced for him the album Ma Raison.

K- Maro released his first album in English Perfect Stranger in October 2008. He owns a clothing line called Balbec. The name is derived from the Lebanese town of Baalbek. Early 2010 were with Shy'm, Vai, Imposs and Ale Dee four artists under contract. On 27 April 2010 his fifth solo album 01:10 appeared so far only in Canada. Advance, in July 2009, the single from the album and released the single Elektric Music in December 2009.



  • I am à l' ancienne (2002)
  • La Good Life (2004)
  • Million Dollar Boy (2005)
  • Platinum Remixes (2006)
  • Perfect Stranger (2008)
  • 01:10 (2010)


  • Back to Downtown Beirut ( 2000)
  • Fresh ( 2001)
  • Symphonie pour un dingue (2002)
  • Le Clan Chill (2002)
  • On est la (2003)
  • Femme Like U ( 2004)
  • Crazy ( 2004)
  • Sous l' oeil de l'ange / Qu'est- ce que ça te fout ... (2005)
  • Histoires de luv (2005)
  • Les frères existent encore (2006)
  • Gangsta Party (2006)
  • Let's Go (2006)
  • Out in the Streets (2008)
  • Take You Away ( 2008)
  • Elektric (2009)
  • Music ( 2009)