Kaiyuan Temple (Quanzhou)

The Kaiyuan Temple (Chinese开元 寺/开元 寺, Pinyin Sì Kaiyuan, Kaiyuan Temple English / Kaiyuan Monastery ) in the Chinese city of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, from the year 686 the Tang Dynasty was originally called Lianhua Temple ( Lianhua si ), in the Kaiyuan reign of the Tang period, he received its present name. The walls of his erected in the time of the Southern Song dynasty octagonal and five-story stone twin pagodas ( Shuangta ) are decorated with relief decorations, whose motifs were borrowed from Indian legends. The West Pagoda is 44 meters high, the East Pagoda 48 m.

Its main buildings include the Great Hall ( Daxiong baodian ), Amrita altar ( Ganlujietan ) and the two pagodas ( the Zhenguo Pagoda in the East and the Renshou Pagoda in the west).

The temple stands since 1982 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 2-20).