Kalix is a place ( tätort ) in the Swedish province of Norrbotten County and the historic province of Norrbotten.

The chief town of the same name is located about 50 km from the Finnish border, near the mouth of the river Kalixälven in the Gulf of Bothnia.


The average temperature in January is -13 ° C and in July 15 ° C. On average Kalix on 75 sunny days a year.


Kalix goes back to an old trading post. In the year 1472 is mentioned in written documents for the first time a church.

In the Russo- Swedish War (1808-1809) surrendered in Kalix a Swedish army. This fact and further defeats meant that the Treaty of Fredrikshamn was completed on 30 August 1809.

The town grew slowly and in 1910 had about 600 inhabitants. 2010, the city had 7299 inhabitants.