Kangol is a traditional English manufacturers of headwear and to a lesser extent other fashion items. Originally, the company was supplying mainly the British military with their version of the Basque beret, but today their products are mainly as a hip - hop fashion. Despite the name and the kangaroo logo has nothing to do with Australia. Since 2006, she completely belongs to Sports Direct (SDI ), which have also Slazenger, Everlast and Lonsdale.


Jaques Spreiregen (* 1893-1979 ), born a Jew in Warsaw, had lived in France and was inspired by the local fashion. He founded in 1938 in Cleator, a district of Cleator Moor in Cumbria in the north- west of England, a textile factory. The "K" of the name stands for "knitting " ( knit ) and " silk" ( silk), " ang " for Angora, " ol " for wool.

The largest British war hero, General Montgomery, the army cap made ​​world famous, but despite some fans in the film industry such as Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, who wore ajar it flat caps of the 504 series, the caps were exclusive niche products, such as golfers. Also, the fact that the Beatles, they estimated did not stop.

The breakthrough into the mainstream came only in the 1980s by rappers such as LL Cool J concluded that bore the company but not the famous 504- but he Angler hats ( engl. Bucket Hats ). Until 1983 the company realized the potential of the headgear as a cult object and chose a kangaroo as a logo. The image is still dominated by black rappers, but since 2006 also has the Russian rapper Seryoga own collection.

2006, the company was acquired by Sports Direct only for £ 12m.

Samuel L. Jackson, who carries a 504 already in Jackie Brown in 2012 developed its own golf collection.

Kangol is distributed in Germany by the company Dieter Arlt GmbH.