Karin Fossum

Karin Fossum ( born November 6, 1954 in Sandefjord, Norway) is a Norwegian writer. She was known primarily for her thriller with Commissioner Konrad Sejer.


Fossum's literary career began with poetry and short stories. Two small volumes of poetry were her first two books in 1974 and 1978. She lived in that time from the taxi driving. Then they had children and took a literary break of 14 years.

In her novels, she leaves often the narrative structures of the classic thriller genres to shift the voltage in the personal development of its main character. Particularly impressive succeeds this in her book darkened bedroom.

Karin Fossum lives on Tyrifjorden, a large inland lake, near Oslo.

Her novels have been translated into twelve languages. So far, nine of her books were published in German and translated by Gabriele Haefs. The Radio Germany has produced some of her crime novels as a radio play.

Fossum's work is distinguished by a literary quality that is otherwise rather unusual in crime fiction and thrillers. So Fossum sees himself as a writer, not as a crime writer. The fine psychological handwriting, with which she draws her characters, probably stems from her experience as a nurse in psychiatry ago.



Novels without German titles are not yet translated.

Konrad Sejer series

Other works

Radio plays

  • Stranger looks. Editing: Andrea Czesienski. Composition: Hanna Hartman. Directed by Götz Naleppa. Prod: DLR Berlin, 2001, ISBN 3-89813-205-6. .
  • Who fears the wolf. Editing: Andrea Czesienski. Composition: Thomas Gerwin. Directed by Götz Naleppa. Prod: DLR Berlin, 2003, ISBN 3-89813-391-5. .
  • Darkened bedroom. Editing: Andrea Czesienski. Composition: Thomas Köner. Directed by Götz Naleppa. Prod: DLR Berlin, 2004, ISBN 3-89813-569-1. .