Karjala Tournament

The Karjala Cup is held annually since 1996 Hockey Tournament in Finland. He is part of the Euro Hockey Tour, in which the teams of Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic compete.


In order to allow international comparisons outside world and European championships, was launched in 1992 a sauna Cup Cup competition called into life. In Turku and later in Helsinki was played with the best teams in the world from Russia, the CSFR and the USA. The host was achieved with only one point last. Perhaps because of this result, the event was not repeated in the coming years.

It was not until 1995, when the Finnish brewery Karjala ( Karelia dt ) found a sponsor, the teams of Sweden, the Czech Republic and the French national ice hockey team were invited to a tournament. In 1996 it was held as the Izvestia Cup at the same time, which is why the Russians sent only a replacement team. Since 1997, the tournament will take place in the second week of November. As a result, the Finns were able to win seven times in a row.

List of winners