Karkas Mountains


The Kuh-e carcass (Persian كوه كركس ) is with 3896 meters the highest mountain tops in Kuhrud Mountains in the central highlands of Iran. It is located in the northern half of the 1000 km long mountain range, where he north of the city Esfahan tapers into a narrow, steep double chain.

The meaning of the name is disputed, the vulture mountain or mountain of the Kassites.

In the further course of the mountains to the southeast a few summits only reach the 3,000 m mark before continuing rises 300-500 km in Yazd and Kerman again to 4,300 m.

On the eastern mountain flank of the Kuh-e carcass tourist attraction are the Red village Abyaneh and the district town of Natanz, which is known for its controversial uranium enrichment facility of the Iranian nuclear program (33 ° 43 ' 29 " N, 51 ° 43' 29" O33.72472222222251.724722222222 ).

In the eastern foothills of the mountain region, about 30 km, is located in a limestone and dolomite saddle the mining of Komshecheh (33 ° 14 '0 "N, 52 ° 3' 0" O33.23333333333352.05 ), which a significant deposit for minerals fluorite and barite ( river or barite ) represents.