Karl Schwarzschild Observatory

The Thuringian State Observatory Tautenburg is an observatory in Tautenburg, Thuringia.

The Observatory exists as an institute of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin near the village Tautenburg since 1960. 1992 from the Institute, the Thuringian State Observatory (TLS) Karl- Schwarzschild Observatory, a facility of the public law of the state of Thuringia.

The most important astronomical observation instrument of the observatory is the Alfred Jensch telescope, a 2 -m telescope with a spherical primary mirror, which was manufactured by Carl Zeiss in Jena. It is the largest telescope on German soil next to the Fraunhofer telescope ( as of 2012). It can be used for astrophotography as a Schmidt camera, the picture angle is then 3.3 ° × 3.3 °. Here, the aperture is reduced by the Schmidt plate to 1.38 m; it is then the largest Schmidt telescope world. Alternatively, it can be operated at full 2 -m aperture in a Cassegrain mirror array, as a pressed man - Camichel telescope, the picture angle is then about 10-20 seconds of arc.

The observatory discovered on 5 April 2005 an exoplanet around the star HD 13189, and has thus confirmed its importance internationally.

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