The roller coaster Boomerang

57.0433929.931639Koordinaten: 57 ° 2 ' 36.2 "N, 9 ° 55' 53.9 " E

Karolinelund is a former amusement park on the northern outskirts of Aalborg.


Originally called the site " Caroline Lund " after Princess Caroline (1793-1881) and was inaugurated in 1824 as a recreational park for the officers of the city. In the 1840s, the park also won in the population in popularity.

1946, the brothers Volmer and Carl Lind acquired the site and opened on April 20, 1947 their theme park Karolinelund. From the 1970s until 2005 was called the park " Tivoli country." The park was owned by the Lind family until 2006, Torben Pedersen, the owner of the revue " Cirkusrevyen " and various rides in Dyrehavsbakken, was sold. Under his direction, he was renamed " Tivoli Karolinelund " but sold after just one season and a loss of 2.6 million kroner (about 350,000 Euros ) and only 112,000 visitors on 27th January 2007, Aalborg municipality.

The Commune involved Karolinelund under its original name as a city park with partially free admission and paid attractions on. Only in the high season from late June to early August, a low occurrence is required. For the use of the attractions is also a so-called " Turbånd " be acquired, which allows unlimited access.

The Aalborg Zoo also part of the municipality itself Karolinelund participate in the management and the Board. Both devices come but on its own.

The future of the park is politically controversial, as it is currently not economically support itself and in the 2010 season aground a deficit from an estimated 3 to 4 million crowns. Venstre, the Conservatives and the Folke Parti Socialistisk Folkeparti want to sell the attractions and continue the premises only as event area and green area. Proponents of the park argue that the losses caused by the operation of the park are less than the direct and indirect consequences of a closure. The park was closed on September 4, 2010 for the winter break. However, all applicants were denied for a takeover On 6 October 2010, as the committee responsible feared that the park would be funded in the future by the public sector. In the future the site will be converted into a city park. The buildings are currently still though, the rides - such as the three roller coasters - but were now dismantled.


Among the attractions included a Boomerang, a looping roller coaster Pinfari, one of two world's Big Apple with two trains, a ghost train, a break dancing, a free fall tower, as well as some restaurants. In addition, concerts and other events on the premises were held regularly in the summer.