Kasey Chambers

Kasey Chambers ( born June 4, 1976 in Mount Gambier ) is an Australian country singer. All of her solo albums have been certified platinum.

Beginning of the career with the Dead Ringer band

Shortly after her birth the family ( father, Bill, mother Diane, and older brother Nash ) moved into the Nullarbor lowlands, where they lived from the fox hunt. The unbearably hot in the outback Chambers spent the summer in a South Australian fishing village. In the evening they sang along to Country songs around the campfire.

In 1986, the parents of the Dead Ringer band of Kasey and Nash joined a year later. 1992, they were all professional musicians, with Bill Chambers wrote many of their songs. For Slim Dusty Bill wrote in 1992, the song "Things Just Are not the Same on the Land", which has been in the Country Music Awards for Song of the Year. Their first album was called " Red Desert Sky" and was published in 1993 in the small music publisher Import Records.

Shortly after signing the Dead Ringer band at EMI Records and in 1995 issued their second album " Home Fires " out. The single " Australian Song" was number 1 in the charts and received by the Australian ARIA award for Country Song of the Year 1996. 1995, the group at the Country Music Festival Tamworth was chosen as the Band of the Year and was awarded the " Golden Guitar ". The following year she received the Mo Award for " Group of the Year ".

In 1997, the band Living in the Circle and 1998 Hopeville brought out. Kasey Chambers became known as the new star in the Australian country sky. In 1998, the Dead Ringer band broke up, however, because Bill and Diane parted. Kasey moved to Norfolk Island. The Dead Ringer band received a total of two awards from the ARIA and seven Golden Guitars.

Success as a solo artist

End of 1998, Kasey Chambers within a few weeks with The Captain on Norfolk Iceland her first solo album, with Nash Chambers as producers and Bill Chambers on guitar. At four titles contributed two country musician from the United States, Buddy Miller and Julie Miller, guitar and vocals. The Captain appeared in 1999. Kasey Chambers was awarded the ARIA for Best Country Album of the Year 1999. A year later, she was named "Best Artist". Good word of mouth led to a double - platinum in Australia. In the U.S., The Captain in 2001 finally was one of the 50 best-selling albums Country, with Chambers first toured with Lucinda Williams of the U.S. and with Emmylou Harris on Australia.

Kasey Chambers Barricades & Brick Walls second album rose in 2001 as number 4 in the Australian album charts. The breakthrough came in the plate in early 2002 with the outcoupling Not Pretty Enough, which made ​​it to number 1. Chambers was so far the only Australian in the country, at the same time could make an album and a single at # 1 ( June 2004). The extractions Million Tears and If I Were You came in 2002 in Australia in the top 40

While Not Pretty Enough eventually got double platinum, Barricades & Brick Walls is selling so well that it was seven times platinum. It was in 2002 so that Australia's best-selling album and received the ARIA awarded " Album of the Year " and "Best Country Album ", Chambers was " Best Female Artist ". In the U.S. in 2002 Barricades & Brick Walls, the almost album top 100 missed, but managed in the Country Top -20 appeared.

On 22 May 2002 Kasey Chambers got together with her partner, the actor and director Corey Hopper her first child, son Talon Jordi. They moved to the Australian central east coast. Kasey recorded a cover version of the song by Cyndi Lauper True Colors, which was among the top 5 in 2003.

On 31 May 2004 Chambers released her third solo album Wayward Angel. It immediately became number 1 in Australia and reached as early as the first week platinum status. The title song is about her son Talon.


  • Red Desert Sky ( 1993) with the Dead Ringer band
  • Home Fires (1995 ) with the Dead Ringer band
  • Living in the Circle (1997) with the Dead Ringer band
  • Hopeville (1998) with the Dead Ringer band
  • The Captain (1999)
  • Very Best Of: So Far (2000) Dead Ringer band
  • Barricades & Brick Walls ( 2001)
  • Wayward Angel (2004)
  • Carnival (2006)
  • Little Bird (2010)
  • Storybook (2011)
  • Wreck & Ruin ( with Shane Nicholson, 2012 ARIA Award: Best Country Album )