Kaykhusraw III

Kai Khosrau III. (Persian غياث الدين كيخسرو بن قلج ارسلان, Ghiyath al - Dīn Kaykhusraw 'm Kilij Arslan, Turkish: III. Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, † 1282) was a Seljuk Sultan of Rum

He was the son of Kılıç Arslan IV, who was executed in 1265 by the Ilchanen. So Kai Khosrau was III. as an infant new Sultan. However, the Sultanate was under Mongol suzerainty and the sultans vassals of the Mongol Ilkhanate for a long time. So played Kai Khosrau III. no important role as sultan. The Sultanate was initially managed by the Pervane later by the vizier Fakhr al -Din Ali.

In Anatolia developed in the power vacuum of the Seljuks new Beyliks. In addition, in 1277 the Mamluks under Baibars fell in Anatolia. Baybars was able to defeat the Seljuks and bind to itself, but was himself ousted from Ilkhan Abaqa in the same year.

Later, Kai Khosrau came III. in disputes about the succession of the Ilkhanate, and was executed in 1282 by the new ruler of the Ilkhanate. His successor was his cousin Mas'ud II - son of Kai Kaus II

The throne Kai Chosraus III. has been preserved and is now at the Ankara Ethnography Museum.