KD Avia

Kaliningrad Khkabrovo

KD Avia was a private Russian airline based in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad based on Khkabrovo operated by an airport. September 14, 2009 the over-indebted airline has been revoked its operating license.


The corporation was founded in 2002 from the state-owned enterprises Kaliningrad Avia forth. In June 2005, it received its present name. The Russian government stopped the company a majority stake of 60 %, the remaining shares were held by its own employees.

In June 2005, the last Russian machine was shut down, until then, the fleet consisted of up to ten Tu- 134 and two Tu- 154.

2006 became the company in the headlines because of a review of the Russian prosecutor's office regarding the pricing policy and flight safety of the airline.

KD Avia gave the ILA 2008 that it has signed a letter of intent for 25 Airbus A319. In the same year, the airline was in financial difficulties. Some of the shares passed into the ownership of a Petersburg creditor bank. The global financial and economic crisis in the second half of 2008 has exacerbated the problems: passenger and cargo volumes have shrunk considerably.

On 11 March 2009 the airline agency for the first time a scheduled service. On several occasions, the company had applied for his financial problems to the authorities. "But in fact we did not receive any real support. The airline has its possibilities, the operational activities utilized to finance, "said the spokeswoman Jelena Penkova. According to the Russian website of the airline itself, the operations but continued to run since March 13, 2009 after provision of assistance by the government. The continued survival of the airline was not backed up in spite of this assistance because of indebtedness.

September 1, 2009 KD Avia presented again because of insolvency ticket sales and the Russian aviation authority withdrew the operating license to 14 September 2009. Since that date may initially KD Avia carry no more commercial flights. Previously KD Avia has set since 4 September, all flights except for a few to Moscow and Kiev.

The intention is a start-up, the line mode should be added in June 2011 which did not happen. Currently we are looking for shareholders who provide the necessary capital. Kaliningrad is in a similar way, as was the case with KD Avia, become the hub between Russia and the other European states. The plan is the use of aircraft, the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 family.


In line service KD Avia Kaliningrad association with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In December 2005, the airline service from Kaliningrad to Berlin -Tegel was taken. Since 15 June 2007 were several times weekly, daily to some of the targets, offered direct flights to Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Vienna and Munich in Kaliningrad. The company pursued about to make in Khkabrovo hub for destinations in Europe on the one hand and destinations in the CIS countries on the other hand the concept, the Kaliningrad airport. For air travelers from western Europe that was attractive because at the time many Russian destinations of KD Avia been approached directly by a few European airports in regular service and the Changing planes in Moscow was often very inconvenient and costly.


(As of October 2007, before the air operation )

  • 03 Boeing 737-300


On the morning of October 2, 2008 could be at the coming of Barcelona Boeing 737-300 with the registration EI -DON, the main landing gear before landing in Kaliningrad not extend. The crew managed to crash-land in which only a few of the 144 passengers were slightly injured. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.