KeePass Password Safe is a free, under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) available program for password management. KeePass encrypts the entire database, which may contain usernames and the like.

KeePass is available in over 40 languages ​​, not all language files are compatible with the version 2.x. The language file ( in addition to English as the default ) must be downloaded separately.

There are the main program versions 1.x and 2.x, which does not use mutually compatible database formats:

  • 2.1 The transfer of passwords into other applications
  • 2.2 Password Generator
  • 2.3 templates
  • 2.4 Plug -ins


The password database encrypted KeePass in the "Classic Edition - 1.x " either according to the Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm ( AES ) or the Twofish algorithm. The "Professional Edition - 2.x " only supports the Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm ( AES ), but has a plugin architecture.

Master key

The database is protected by a master key ( " Master Key" ), without this it can not decrypt the database. The master password ( "Master Password" ) must be entered manually, and it can be used a key file ( " Key File "), which, for example, is on a portable drive such as USB flash drive or CD.

KeePass 2.x supported on Windows additionally a method to use a secret key of the current Windows user. The database can thus only be opened when the user is logged in with the correct Windows account. A disadvantage of this method is that it is not enough in a loss of the Windows Accounts, create a new account with the same username and password as the secret key of the account is indeed protected with these data, but can not be derived directly from it.


The transmission of the passwords into other applications

KeePass provides several ways the passwords in the target applications, such as to transfer the browser.

  • Clipboard: There are username and password successively manually copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into the application. After a few seconds KeePass deletes this value back from the clipboard, so then can no longer be accessed.
  • KeePass Auto -Type: With the global hotkeys login information will be filled in automatically Car Type: Wide comfortable to let Keepass enter the data automatically into the application. Log data is automatically inserted into text fields with the global shortcut key " Ctrl Alt A". The disadvantage is that passwords can be spied by keyloggers.
  • Version 2.x: Two -channel auto- type obfuscation: The password is inserted through a combination of simulated keystrokes and clipboard in the application. Spying by simple keylogger is prevented. The function must be optional switched to KeePass.
  • Browser extensions with KeePass plugin: KeeFox with plugin KeePassRPC or PassIFox or ChromeIPass with plugin KeePassHttp make a connection between the browser and KeePass. ( The plugins are not compatible with KeePass 1.x). Even newly created login information can be stored via plug-ins in KeePass.

Password generator

The password generator itself passwords of any length and type can be created. It is created supported by actions of the user to ensure the randomness if desired. Here, data from the mouse movement or keyboard input will be considered.


Currently (May 2013 version 2.22 ) is available in KeePass just a standard template is available which provides fixed for each entry, the single-line fields title, username, password, and URL as well as a multi-line field notes ( it can, however, still more fields are created in addition ). Although it is offered a plug-in for creating your own templates, but so records, but are not fully compatible with mobile versions like Astro File Manager, KeePass2Android or MiniKeePass.

Plug -ins

KeePass provides the ability to extend the functions of the program by plug-ins. There are several other plug- ins that enhance the import, export and automatic database backup.

Other Versions

There are different implementations for different platforms to KeePass. The databases used are usually compatible, i.e., the databases may be synchronized by suitable mechanisms (e.g., cloud storage ) between the devices.

  • Astro File Manager is a version for Android
  • Keepass2Android is compatible with KeePass 2.x version for Android
  • KyPass iPhone / iPad, a variant of MyKeePass with support for Dropbox
  • KeePassX a variant of KeePass for Linux, Unix / Mac OS X, OS / 2 and Windows ( compatible with KeePass -1 file format)
  • 7Pass is a version for Windows Phone
  • KeePassC is a curses - based version of Linux that is compatible with KeePass -1 file format.
  • MiniKeePass is another implementation for iPhone / iPad.