Ken Kutaragi

Ken Kutaragi ( born August 8, 1950 in Tokyo) is the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the video game division of Sony, which also manufactures the PlayStation.

He studied at the Denki Tsushin University. From 1975 he began his career at Sony.

Ken Kutaragi, who is also regarded as the father of the PlayStation, presented on 19 June 2007 at the annual shareholders meeting SCEI officially the position of CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to his successor Kazuo Hirai, the longtime head of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Criticism of Kutaragi was too violent, especially with the boss of the entire Group, Sir Howard Stringer, there seemed to be some problems. This is evident from the official press release.

Critics of this cancellation, the logical consequence of the PlayStation 3 launch, which did not bring the hoped-for success. Kutaragi had taken over the acquisition cost and the Blu -Ray drive. However, honor side, he remained Chairman of SCEI. He also continued working as a technical consultant for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.. However, his main task was the management of the company founded by Bandai Namco company Cellius.

In April 2009 he was a visiting professor at Ritsumeikan University.

At the Game Developers Conference 2014 Ken Kutaragi was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award " for his lifetime achievements.