Kettwig Stausee station

  • Ruhrtalbahn ( 19.4 km )
  • Lower Ruhrtalbahn ( 1.0 km; decommissioned)


The breakpoint Kettwig Reservoir is a rail station in Essen district of Kettwig. It is located on the running between Dusseldorf and Hagen Ruhrtalbahn and is served by the line S 6. There is an interchange with Line 772 Rheinbahn towards Kettwig Center and Holy House. The breakpoint has a central platform with access through a tunnel beneath the tracks.


The breakpoint was set up in the wake of the demolition of the Kettwiger railway bridges in 1945 as a makeshift terminus of arriving from Dusseldorf and Velbert trains under the name Kettwig Pusch. In the 1950s, a reception building was built at the end of the tracks in the direction of Mülheim an der Ruhr, which was canceled in 1981 again. After the reconstruction of the railway bridge in the direction of Essen main railway station, the breakpoint was given its present name.

From 1926 to 1960, the branch of the low mountain railway from the Ruhrtalbahn and below the top of the platform 1945 to 1968 the termination stop the trains from Mülheim / Ruhr on the Lower Ruhrtalbahn has lagged behind the breakpoint in the direction of Dusseldorf, found.

Since 1968, the S- Bahn Rhein -Ruhr served by the line S 6 the breakpoint.