KGet is the download manager for the KDE Software Compilation 4 It is programmed in C and distributed as free software, including the source code under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License ( GPL).


The program can be conveniently managed Downloads: They can start any, pause and resume. During the download KGet shows on demand to the estimated remaining duration of the operation, the amount of data transmitted or further information.

KGet supports not only HTTP and FTP and BitTorrent, Metalink and the grouping of transfers.


KGet can be integrated into the browser Konqueror to enter a summary and download selection on all links of a website. About the additional module FlashGot KGet can also be integrated into Mozilla Firefox. rekonq delegates all file downloads at KGet. Alternatively, a drop box will be displayed on the of any point can be drawn from references to files in KDE, so they are downloaded with KGet. In addition to manually entering the source address or the clipboard monitoring is also possible to initiate new downloads via D-Bus, for example by means of a shell script. In contrast to the direct use of wget and like their progress is then integrated into the KDE -wide status display.

The default download manager of KDE Software Compilation KGet is the standard tool for many Linux distributions.


The first version of KDE 3 ( 0.8.0 RC 1) was published on 26 May 2002. The versions for KDE 3.x supports only HTTP and FTP. For KDE Software Compilation 4 KGet Dario Massarin, Manolo Valdes and Urs Wolfer was rewritten and added support for BitTorrent and segmentation of downloads and limiting the transmission speed. Furthermore, can now be added via a programming interface via additional module support for additional protocols. The result was published as KGet 2. It has been integrated with its own widget / applet in the plasma surface.