AS -16 Kickback

The AS -16 Kickback is a supersonic air - to-ground missile to combat strategic ground targets. The GRAU index of the Russian armed forces is Ch- 15th


The Ch- 15 was developed as a counterpart to the U.S. AGM -69 SRAM. The development started in 1978 in the design office in Moscow Raduga. The system was introduced in 1988 with the Russian Air Force. For the first time Ch- 15 was presented to the public in 1992. In the West, this system was nicknamed " SRAMski " because it resembles the U.S. counterpart.


  • Ch -15 ( RKW -15): Standard version, controlled by an inertial navigation system, with a 350 kT nuclear warhead. Range 200-280 km.
  • Ch- 15P: Version with improved precision and a range of 300-350 km. Development stopped in 1991.
  • Ch- 15E: Version for radar control with a passive radar seeker and a 150 -kg fragmentation warhead. Range 120-150 km.
  • Ch- 15S / A: Version to ship combat, launched in 1993 with a 150 -kg penetration warhead and active radar seeker head in the Ku- band.. Range 120-150 km.
  • Ch- 15SE: Export version of the Ch- 15A.


The surface of the streamlined body of the Ch- 15 consists of a heat-resistant tungsten-molybdenum alloy. At the missile tip an additional thermal barrier coating is applied. At the rear there are three missile aerodynamic control surfaces of a titanium alloy. The Ch- 15 is powered by a high-energy 9A2001 - dual -pulse solid rocket motor of the company OKB Soyuz. This works with two different thrust levels for the start and the cruise. The rocket propulsion can pause between the ignition of the start and march drive.

Before the start of the coordinates of the target must be entered in the navigation system of the missile. This can be done on the ground or on board the aircraft carrier. The Ch- 15 can be launched in a height range of 300-22000 m. After the release of the plane first, a brief non-driven phase. It was only at a safe distance from the aircraft to ignite the rocket engine in the rear steering arms. After the missile rises in a aero ballistic trajectory to an altitude of 40,000 m. The target approach is carried out in a steep dive at a speed of Mach 5 To a flight distance of 200 km before the Ch- 15 requires between 180-200 seconds. The minimum operational distance is 40 km. The thermonuclear warhead by proximity fuse triggered by the impact fuze contact with the ground fire in the air or.

Objectives for the AS -16 Kickback are military airfields, radar stations, air defense and command posts.

Carrier aircraft

  • Tupolev Tu -95 Bear with a maximum of 12 missiles
  • Tupolev Tu -22M Backfire than 6 TOW guided weapons
  • Tupolev Tu -160 Blackjack with a maximum of 24 missiles