Khaankhre Sobekhotep

Sobekhotep I. ( different spelling Sebekhotep I. ) was an ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 13th dynasty ( Second Intermediate Period ), who reigned about 1735 BC.


Sobekhotep I. is a little-known king of the 13th Dynasty. As Chai -ankh - re this ruler appears in the list of kings of Karnak. He is perhaps identical with the Sobekhotep that appears in column 6, line 15 of the Turin Royal Canon. However, this identification is not mandatory, so the position of the ruler in the 13th Dynasty is not beyond all doubt. Interesting is the fact that behind his name in the Turin Royal Canon is still a son of to detect. The following name is largely destroyed, but he certainly was not royal, with which one is faced with the fact that this king on his bourgeois origins was proud and let this be noted in the king lists. Nothing like it is known from Neferhotep I, who later also repeatedly mentions something his non-royal parents.

You know the other names of an altar and a stele from Abydos, and probably came from a small chapel, the base of a statue is probably from Karnak (she is god Amun -Re devoted ), the fragment of a column is of unknown origin. The length of his reign is unknown, but its hardly have been very long.

In the summer of 2013, an empty 60 -ton sarcophagus of quartzite in the necropolis of Abydos by archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Josef W. Wegner was discovered in a grave. However, it was initially unknown who had been in the grave, which originally lay beneath a pyramid buried. End of December 2013, archaeologists found there still parts of a relief on which a ruler is shown seated on the throne. On another fragment of the beginning of the cartouche is sent with the first hieroglyph Sobek. The ceramic can be discovered and the similarity of the tomb with the ameni - Qemau pyramid suggest that here was I. Sobekhotep buried.

About a century after the funeral of Sobekhotep I became his tomb for an unknown Pharaoh reused. Remains of the gilded canopic chest was found in the grave of Senebkay.