Chon ( also Khonsu, Khensu, Khons, Khonsu or Khonshu ) is an ancient Egyptian moon god and son of the sun god Amun and the sky goddess Mut.

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In Egyptian mythology

Khonsu was worshiped early in Karnak. In the Old Kingdom he is occupied in the Pyramid Texts. However, it is shown there as a sinister -bringing God, causes of diseases and cannibals.

In the New Kingdom Khonsu is given the nickname " Nefer - hotep " ( Nfr - htp, and the perfect peace -making / the completely satisfied ).

In Greek mythology

The Greeks equated her Khonsu Heracles (Hercules ).


Khonsu, the Current transformer of heaven is, contains as a mummy with a crook, scourge and the what - scepter, which also signs Djed (duration) and ankh (life), as well as the lunar disk, crescent moon and youth Locke displayed on the head. This often braided Locke was a traditional headdress of the children, whether divine or human origin. Rarely is also presented in crocodile shape ( in Medinet Habu ), with a falcon's head, or a falcon with moon.

Like other moon gods, he is represented by a baboon.

Places of worship

Together with Amun and Khonsu in Thebes courage forms a triad. In Kom Ombo, he appears as the son of Sobek and Hathor. Other places of worship have included Memphis, Hibis and Gebel es Silisile.

Buildings / temples

  • Since the Middle Kingdom he had a temple at Thebes, its location is unknown, but the stele of Nefer - hotep from Karnak (middle kingdom ) mentions a temple scribe of Khonsu.
  • In the New Kingdom, a still almost completely preserved temple he built at Karnak: Temple of Khonsu ( Karnak )

Khonsu as a personal name

Khonsu was since the Middle Kingdom, particularly in the Second Intermediate Period, a personal name for men and women in the New Kingdom only for men.

Pictures of Khonsu