Pyramid Texts

When Pyramid Texts are first referred to the collection of religious sayings on the inner walls of the pyramids of the pharaohs Unas (5th Dynasty), Teti II, Pepi I., I. Merenre and Pepi II, the queens Anchenespepi II, Behenu, Neith, Wedjebten and Iput II ( 6th dynasty ) and the King Qakare Ibi (8th dynasty ). They constitute the largest collection of ancient Egyptian texts closed dar. In the Middle Kingdom, they also appeared on the inner sides of the coffins. New texts occurring there are now referred to as Coffin Texts, although pyramid and coffin texts were often used side by side. Individual awards were still up in the late period into use.


The Pyramid Texts are, as well as the afterlife texts of the New Kingdom, written for the protection of the deceased in the Duat. But when later Unlike in the Middle and New Kingdom dangers of demons are still hardly mentioned. Here is more about tangible things:

  • Expressed by a list ( bread and beer always comes before ), entitled 1000, which is in Egypt for the infinity
  • Also the hunger is commanded to go now. This primeval waters is considered a place where everything is in place so that the hunger there can not exist and dies.