Khronos Group

The Khronos Group is an industry consortium founded in 2000 that is committed on a variety of platforms and devices for the creation and management of open standards in the multimedia field. Its over 100 members include AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, SGI, Google and Oracle.

Working groups

  • OpenCL, an open standard for platform-independent computing on CPUs and GPUs.
  • OpenGL is an open standard for the platform and programming language independent 3D graphics development.
  • OpenGL ES, a version of OpenGL for embedded systems.
  • OpenML, an open standard for capturing, transporting, further processing as well as for the presentation and synchronization of digital media.
  • OpenVG, an open standard for speeding up the processing of two-dimensional vector graphics.
  • OpenMAX, an API for multimedia codecs.
  • OpenSL ES, an open standard for three-dimensional audio systems.
  • COLLADA, an open interchange format for 3D data between different programs.
  • WebGL, an OpenGL ES implementation for web browsers
  • OpenVX, a planned standard for image processing