Kitale, originally called Quitale, is the capital of the district of Trans Nzoia, in the Rift Valley province in western Kenya and is situated between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Mountains at an altitude of about 1900 meters. Kitale has, according to sources, 100000-230000 inhabitants.

The main crops in their environment are sunflower, tea, coffee and usury flowers. Kitale is a city of commerce for the local agriculture, including the Kenya Seed Company has here its seat Moreover Saiwa Swamp National Park is nearby.

There are two museums in Kitale. One of which is the oldest museum in West Kenya. It was founded in 1926 and is mainly of an old nature collection, but also material about the resident ethnic groups.

Kitale was a trading center for the caravan traffic already in the 19th century. 1908 was established at this point of white settlers, the present city of Kitale. A built in 1926 Zweigstrecke the Uganda Railway from Eldoret to Kitale then favored the development of the place.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Paul Ereng (* 1967), Athlete
  • Alpsten Ellen (* 1971), journalist and writer

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