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Kituba, also Munukutuba, munu kutuba, kikonga ya léta or kikongo du gouvernement is called a creole language in Central Africa and is mainly used in the Congo States (excluding Cabinda, formerly Portuguese- Congo ) spoken.

Kituba and Kikongo

See also Kikongo.

In Kituba is a simplification of the Kikongo. Kituba is today partly also spoken as a first language.


From time immemorial used the speakers of the different dialects of Kikongo in trade outside their tight area a highly simplified form of their language to be able to continue to agree on the dialect boundaries and east with trading partners. So the Congo a Kikongo Pidgin, which was further reacted with the progress of colonization by the Europeans into the interior was upwards along. So trade, mission and colonialism have contributed to the spread of Kituba. This was encouraged that previously the Congo ( see also: Kingdom of Congo ) are wrong in this language with their subjects and compared to the Kikongo much simpler grammar. Even today Kituba is often viewed as the language of colonization.


Kituba belongs to the Bantu languages. SIL is different Kituba ( Kituba in Congo) and Kikongo ya léta ( Kituba in Democratic Congo ) as two different languages. Various other reference works, however, they only describe as regionally different forms of the same language. The United Nations have two translations of the Declaration of Human Rights, one each for the two Congo republics. However, these differ only marginally.


The Constitution of the Republic of Congo in 2002 first used the term Kituba and thus replaces the term Munukutuba, which had been used in the previous constitutions and the national language. In the Democratic Republic of Congo is officially Kikongo language and is used in the eastern provinces of Lower Congo and Kinshasa as well as an official language. However, it is not specified, which dialect is meant. The management used in most cases Kituba, respectively, here government or heads of state Kikongo ( Kikongo ya léta ) called.


And the scripture, as had been introduced by the Europeans in other Bantu languages ​​, use the Latin alphabet for Kituba. Developed in Democratic Congo Mandombe font is also used, especially in circles of Kimbanguists.

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