Klaus Janson

Klaus Janson ( born 1952 in Coburg ) is an American comic book artist. Janson was best known for his drawings of Frank Miller's graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.


Janson moved about as a child with his parents from West Germany to the United States, where he grew up in Connecticut. As a teenager, Janson met the comic artist Dick Giordano whose assistant he became. At Giordano's mediation Janson finally got a job as a technical pen in the Marvel Comics, where he initially inkte the drawings for Sal Buscema for The Defenders series.

Since then, Janson has worked both as a penciler as well as on working Pens. Here he mainly focuses on engagements with the major American publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Together with his friend Frank Miller Janson designed in the early 1980s, appearing in Marvel series Daredevil. The successful cooperation between the two eventually led to both was hired by DC Comics for the Batman project, The Dark Knight Returns. Around again in his troubled by crime hometown returns out of retirement - In this, the first time in 1986 as a miniseries published and since then countless times as a anthology newly imposed graphic novel, the superhero Batman is set in a dystopian future scenario in which he - an old man now to maintain order.

After an argument during the production of the award-winning and critically acclaimed and broader readership alike Dark Knights, Janson and Miller ended their artistic partnership, which they have not resumed since then.

Janson, however, has often created works of other artists: he recorded in 1991, some written by Grant Morrison stories for the Legends of the Dark Knight Batman series, some of Doug Moench designed for the series Showcase '93 texted Batman Stories and visualized Greg Ruckas miniseries Death and the Maidens.

In addition, Janson has worked for more than ten years as a lecturer at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and is a solid freelancer at the New York Museum of Comic Book Art

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