Knie's Kinderzoo

Knies Children's Zoo is a zoological garden in Rapperswil -Jona, which opened in 1962.

He belongs to the tradition of Swiss Circus Knie. In this zoo, the encounter between the visitors and the animals at the center. There can be various pets petted and fed with Zoofutter. There are deliberately no predators shown, but elephants, many ungulates, several species of monkeys, rodents, kangaroos and a whole host of birds, more than 300 animals from 58 species. In addition, the zoo offers a sea lion show and refreshments and games facilities.

Before the Delphi attitude was captured in the general public into disrepute, also a dolphin show was presented in Knies Children 1965-1998.

The Zoo is a part of the winter quarters of the circus Knie and is also home to the animals that do not go as small Zirkuszoo on tour.