Korvensuu (car)

Korvensuu is the name of the first car, which was built on Finnish soil. The area belonged as part of the Grand Duchy of Finland to the Russian Empire.


Manufacturer was the technician Frans Engelbert Lindström ( born November 29, 1874 in Mynämäki, † February 21, 1918 ) (according to other sources Hans Lindström ).

One source indicates that the vehicle was built in 1913, the first test run took place on 1 May 1913 and a single piece remained. Another source writes of a small series 1912-1914. Operate the vehicle has an air-cooled two-cylinder four -stroke engine with 10 hp and a two-seater Torpedo body. A vehicle has been preserved and was exhibited at the Auto Museum Lippaliiteri in Nousiainen.

In 2008 the vehicle was on display at the Auto Museum of Uusikaupunki.


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