Kurt-Heinz Stolze

Kurt- Heinz Stolze ( born January 26, 1926 in Hamburg, † August 12, 1970 in Munich) was a German composer, pianist, harpsichordist and conductor.


After high school, Kurt- Heinz Stolze occupied from 1942 to 1947 at the music school of his hometown fans the piano, organ and conducting. In the latter, Wilhelm Brückner - Rüggeberg was his teacher. After he finished his studies, he tried to apply what they have learned in various music genres, especially in Hamburg. He received his first firm commitment in 1956, when it undertook the Royal Opera in Copenhagen for a year as musical director and accompanist.

In 1957 pride professional way to Stuttgart at the Württemberg State theaters. Initially, he worked as a rehearsal pianist for operas and ballets. In addition, he accompanied Fritz Wunderlich in the concert hall and in the recording studio at the song cycle The Beautiful Miller by Franz Schubert. At the State Theatre of his new site of action he soon learned John Cranko know and became friends with him. This acquaintance was pointing the way for his future career. From now on, he conducted at many ballet performances, the State Orchestra, such as Swan Lake. Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto L' Estro Armonico cycle, originally written for violin and string orchestra, he taught music for a ballet stage. He also developed a version for Cranko's ballet Onegin by Tchaikovsky sought from the rich work for suitable job, but who could have nothing to do with Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin. He formed many compositions that had written solely for piano of the Master, to orchestral sets. Similarly, he proceeded, as he 1969 templates by Domenico Scarlatti orchestral music for the ballet The Taming of the Shrew put together. Also, radio and film benefited from his work.

In 1968, Proud as Solocembalist with the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn, Jörg Faerber and its conductors on a tour to London, where the musicians at the Queen Elizabeth Hall gave a concert.

August 12, 1970 Kurt- Heinz Stolze died at the age of 44 years in Munich.