KV26 Tomb of Unknown

The ancient Egyptian tomb KV26 in the Valley of the Kings ( East Valley ) is a non - royal grave, the grave owner is unknown. About the grave, there is virtually no information. KV26 is filled with debris and inaccessible.

KV26 was discovered before 1835, probably in 1825, by James Burton. Victor Loret visited the grave in 1898 and held the position of the grave. From an excavation or excavation work is not reported. The grave is still unexplored and unpublished.

It consists of a simple rectangular input shaft and a corridor leading to a chamber. The grave is undecorated. KV26 is similar to other tombs of the 18th dynasty and the basis of which dated to the period of the New Kingdom. It also has similarities to the tombs KV30 and KV37.