KV61 Tomb of Unknown

KV61 (Kings ' Valley no 61) is an ancient Egyptian grave in the Valley of the Kings. It lies in the southwestern part of the valley, and was discovered in January 1910 by Harold E. Jones for Theodore M. Davis. Work on the grave are unpublished.

Jones found the grave before filled with rubble and sealed stones, which spoke for an untouched grave. The exposure lasted for two days and also half of the chamber was filled with debris. The small grave is total 15.49 square meters and the single chamber can be reached via a chute. KV61 is irregular cut, the walls are poorly edited and not plastered. It is unfinished and has no decorations or inscriptions. Despite thorough clearance and cleaning of any objects were found in the grave, " not even a piece of pottery ". The tomb is interpreted as a non- royal grave from the time of the New Kingdom, without attaching it to a particular dynasty.

Nicholas Reeves According KV61 was closed after substantial completion, so no sand could penetrate. The find circumstances suggest that the anonymous grave was never used for a funeral.