KX Painter

The KX- painter was a vase painter of the Attic black-figure style. He was 585-570 BC active.

The KX- painter was next to the KY- painters of the most important representative of Komasten group which succeeded the Gorgon Painter. He received his Notnamen by John D. Beazley. He is considered the better and chronologically somewhat earlier representatives of Komasten group. As the first painter Athens he asked frequently Komasten on his image -makers represent that were taken from the vase painting of Corinth. He painted mainly skyphoi, Lekanen, Kothone and Komastenschalen. However, unlike later representatives of the group, he still draws mainly animals that are drawn as a careful and stronger than that of the Gorgon Painter. He has also designed a few mythological scenes. Particularly well known are his little mythical scenes he had embedded in the animal friezes. The KX- painter is probably the first painter who can keep up with the quality of the hitherto prevailing Corinthian vases. From Boeotia imitations of his works are known.