Kyle XY

Kyle XY is the title of a produced from 2006 to 2009 Mystery series, which also elements of The X-Files - The Files and John Doe! occur.


An approximately 16- year-old boy wakes up naked in a forest near Seattle, in the U.S. state of Washington. He can not remember anything, he can not talk himself. Since his nakedness aroused among the inhabitants of Seattle stir and indignation, the boy is sent to a juvenile detention center. The psychologist Nicole exchanger, which is called in to the young man accepts and gives him at her house accommodation. To give it a name, she calls him Kyle, after the brother of the juvenile detention center conductor.

First, do not like the children of the wearer's, Lori and Josh, the idea to accept a mentally retarded as a roommate, but Kyle understands it in the course of time to learn how to integrate into the family and make friends.

But Nicole exchanger is still interested in Kyle's past; especially since the boy developed amazing abilities, and has a high intelligence. Also, Kyle has a single physical flaw no belly button, what the riddle still increased by his physical descent. Only in the course of time she comes to the mystery on the track, which will be fully revealed to the audience at the end of the first season.

Background information

The series, which was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, proved to be a success in the U.S., so ABC Family in June 2007 for a second season, and in January 2009 sent a third season. In Germany, the first 13 of the 23 episodes of the second season of ProSieben aired until September 7, 2008. After the broadcast was interrupted and the time slot of Kyle XY assigned to another series. The official reason was given by ProSieben, that is based on the broadcast on the broadcast schedule of ABC Family. ABC Family had interrupted the broadcast of the second season after the 13th episode and continued until January 2008. From 7 October 2010, the remaining episodes of the second and third season were aired on weekdays in the morning early at ProSieben.

On 31 January 2009, it was announced that no fourth season of Kyle XY is produced.

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