Kyra Kyrklund

Kyra Kyrklund ( born November 30, 1951 in Helsinki ) is a Finnish successful dressage rider and trainer.


To get to the top in dressage, Kyra Kyrklund went to Germany and took lessons from Walter Christensen (1975-1977) and Herbert Rehbein ( 1980-1997 ). They successfully participated in five Olympic Games. Unforgettable remains with the stallion Matador (* 1979, † 2002), with whom she won the 1990 silver medal at the World Championships in Stockholm and the World Cup Final in Paris. Among her pupils were of Sayn -Wittgenstein- Berleburg, among others, Leslie Morse and Nathalie. Today Kyra Kyrklund lives with her husband Richard White in the county of Surrey, England. At the European Championships 2009 in Windsor she could convince her 14 -year-old gelding Max and reached number 9 in the Grand Prix Spécial and rank 7 in the freestyle again. After the European Championships, she adopted Max from the sport and now wants to devote their young horses.

In August 2010, she became the President of the International Dressage Riders' Club ( IDRC ), representing the interests of internationally active dressage rider selected. Thus, it succeeds by Margit Otto -Crépin.