La 628-E8

La 628- E8 is a published in 1907 novel by the French writer Octave Mirbeau.

First, La 628 -E8 looks like a travel book or a travel story from. With his car, a Charron with the indicator 628- E8, the narrator travels through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. But the protagonist of the novel is nothing more than Mirbeaus car.

A chapter of the story is Balzac's death ( original title: La Mort de Balzac ): "With cruel humor Mirbeau portrays the death of Balzac in the hell of his run-down coming home with the helpless Eve, who flees into the arms of her lover, while the smell of death from the room of the dahindämmernden Balzac spreads. "

Translations into German

  • Balzac's death. Manholt, Bremen 1992 ( translated by Gerda gene Berger), ISBN 3-924903-95-6.
  • 628- E8. Weidle Verlag, Bonn, 2013 (translation, commentary and afterword by Wieland Grommes ), ISBN 978-3-938803-04-2.