La Pallice

La Pallice (also known as Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle ) is the 1890 inaugurated industrial port of La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast.



The expansion work in 1885 caisson was overturned during the storm on the night of March 6 and 20 of the 25 workers died.


The port can accommodate ships of up to 14 m depth and 100,000 tons. He has a tanker terminal, a passenger terminal and ro-ro capacity and is also the basis of a fishing fleet, which was moved in the 1980s from the old port of La Rochelle here. The port with its 300 acres of water and 200 ha land area of 2800 m quay cranes 21, 53 acres of open -air storage area, 137.5 ha warehouses, two dry docks and four tugs.

The massive submarine bunker that was built by the Todt Organization from April 1941 in La Pallice, still stands today, but can not be visited.

46.158333333333 - 1.2277777777778Koordinaten: 46 ° 9 ' 30 " N, 1 ° 13' 40 " W