Lacaille 9352

Lacaille 9352 (Lac 9352 ) is a star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. With an apparent magnitude of 7.34 like the star shining too weak to be seen with the naked eye. Lacaille 9352 is 3.3 parsecs away from Earth and is one of the nearest stars to the sun.


With 6.9 seconds of arc per year the star has the fourth highest known proper motion. The space velocity components of the star are (U, V, W) = ( -93.9, -14.1, -51.4 ) km / s

Lacaille 9352 is a red dwarf of spectral type M0.5. Lacaille 9352 was the first Red Dwarf, in which the angular diameter was measured, and the physical diameter was approximately 46 % of the radius of the sun. The star has about half the mass of the Sun and an effective temperature of about 3600 K.