Lausanne–Fribourg–Bern Railway

The Chemin de fer Lausanne -Fribourg -Berne ( LFB ) (also: Oronbahn ) is a former Swiss railway company and existed from 1858 to 1872.

The aim of the LFB was to connect the West with the German Switzerland Switzerland by means of a railway line from Lausanne to Bern and Fribourg Oron.


On 1 July 1858, the LFB took over the Compagnie Geneva- Versoix shortly before founded and became its successor company.

Own routes built the company from 1860:

  • July 2, 1860: Bern - Balliswil ( at Duedingen ) - ( temporary station at the northern camp of Grandfey viaduct )
  • September 4, 1862: Lausanne - Balliswil and merger of the line from Bern

On January 1, 1872, the Company merged to Chemins de fer de la Suisse Occidentale (SO).


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