The Lectionary (Latin, reading book ') is a liturgical book that contains the biblical readings in the course of the church year. Originally was read directly from the Bible; until the 5th century, was collected then the pericopes that have been arranged according to the liturgical year, in specially designated books.

In the Roman Catholic Church, the Old Testament and New Testament contains lectionary pericopes and the Gospels. It represents therefore liturgically the Bible. Risen in the Lectionary are the formerly independent Evangelistar with the Evangelienperikopen and the epistolary with New Testament texts outside the Gospels.

The Lectionary is a solid read cycle based on the lectionary or the ( three - or six-year ) lectionary for the Mass. There is also a lectionary for the Office of Readings and Matins of the Divine, whose readings in two years reading (I and II) are divided. This is for reasons of manageability from a total of sixteen individual fascicles.