Legend of the Liquid Sword (album)


  • Bink!
  • GZA
  • Arabian Knight
  • Mathematics
  • RZA
  • Jaz -O
  • DJ Muggs

Legend of the Liquid Sword is the fourth studio album by American rapper GZA. It was published on 10 December 2002 on the label MCA Records and Universal Music Group.

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The German E- Zine Laut.de rated Legend of the Liquid Sword with four out of a possible five points. From the perspective of the editor Stefan Johannes Berg GZA move lyrically on " high level ". Here are " less content- pregnant subjects of a Nas or KRS -One " The Passion of the rapper, but " complex word play in terms of Battle lyrics ". Musically as Legend of the Liquid Sword " rather parallels " to GZAs album Beneath The Surface as to Liquid Swords on. In the productions it were " clear, almost too smooth produced beats " containing "modern arranged [ ... ] Soul samples in the synth - garb ". The staff with the exception of a piece missing from RZA was negatively noticeable.