Leopold Nowak

Leopold Nowak ( born August 17, 1904 in Vienna, † May 27, 1991 ) was an Austrian musicologist and mainly known for the publication of the work of Anton Bruckner for the International Bruckner Society.


Nowak studied piano and organ at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and musicology with Guido Adler and Robert Lach at the University of Vienna, where he later taught from 1932 to 1973 itself.

He received his doctorate in 1927 with a thesis on the German society song by Heinrich Finck, Paul Hofhaymer and Heinrich Isaac ( unpublished ), expanded as:. Society The German song in Austria from 1480 to 1550 In 1929 he was awarded the Honorary Ring of the City of Vienna.

From 1928 to 1939 he was an assistant of Musicology at the University of Vienna, in 1932 lecturer, associate professor of entitled 1939 (1946 updated), since 1946 (succeeding Robert Haas) Director of the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library. 1930 Nowak member of the Monuments of Music in Austria, in 1945 was appointed director of the Department of Musicology at the Viennese Catholic Academy, 1946, a member of the Commission for Music Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Scientific Director of the Bruckner Complete Edition.

Nowak worked particularly on Anton Bruckner. His approach to the issue of Bruckner's works was " scientific " than that of his predecessor Robert Haas. During this, for example, parts of the versions put together from 1887 and 1890 of Bruckner's Symphony No. 8, he gave out independent outputs of both versions. His work for the finale of Symphony No. 9 was continued by John A. Phillips, who published a facsimile edition of the fragment in the Bruckner Complete Edition.

Nowak prepared a new edition of Mozart's unfinished Requiem and difference between Mozart 's own handwriting and that of Süßmayr and Eybler. For this he received the 1985 Golden Mozart Medal. Nowak also studied the music of Heinrich Isaac, Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt, Austrian churches and vocal music, and various Austrian composers of the late Middle Ages ( 1480-1550 ).

Publications (selection )

  • The German company song in Austria 1480-1550 (dissertation), in: Studies in Music Science ( Beihefte the DTÖ ) 17, 1930
  • Outlines of a history of the basso ostinato in western music. Guberner & Hierhammer, Vienna 1932
  • Franz Liszt, 1936 Innsbruck, Tyrolia
  • Te Deum Laudamus - thoughts on the music of Anton Bruckner. Herder, Vienna 1947
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