Letov Š-16

In the Czech Aircraft Letov Š -16 is a single-engine two-seat biplane was designed as a light bomber. The interpretation of this type are based on experiences collected with the Letov Š -6.

History and construction

The first flight of the machine took place in November of 1926 instead. . The design resulted from Alois Smolik. The cell was made ​​entirely of metal and covered with fabric. The chassis was rigid and had a tail skid.

After the demonstration at Le Bourget, the pattern took part in several air races, where the good flight performance caused an international sensation. Latvia ordered 22 aircraft of the type Š - 16L with a Hispano -Suiza engine. On October 13, 1927 world record on the closed 500 - km route at 1000 kg payload with 230.929 km / h by the his early chief pilot of Letov, Alois Jezek was set up with this guy on the route Prague - Benátky - Rip - Prague.

The Czechoslovak army ordered a total of 116 machines of the Š -16 ( reconnaissance aircraft and bombers) and Š -16B (pure bomber ). Turkey also ordered in 1929, 16 aircraft of this type. As Š - 16J, a machine was delivered on floats to Yugoslavia. The machines were partially until 1938 in service.

In addition to the series variants also exist some experimental samples that have been designated by a preceding 100 place, then Š -116 (1928, Handley Page ) Š -216 ( 1928 radial engine ), Š -316 (1929, Bug Section manner with duralumin planked), Š - 416 (1931), Š - 516 (1930, rebuilding for record flights with a 588 kW W motor Praga Asso, among other things, partially clad chassis, reached on a closed stretch of 1000 km with a payload of 500 kg, 276, 3 km / h ), Š -616 (1930, produced with Hispano-Suiza 12Nbr, 10 pieces, 4 -blade propeller ), Š -716, Š -816 (1932, Praga -ESV - engine ). The Š -916 with a Lorraine -Dietrich engine remained only project.

The Š -16 is the first Czechoslovak aircraft with an all-metal cell.

Military user

  • Yugoslavia Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1918 - Royal Yugoslav naval aviation: 1
  • Latvia Latvia: 21
  • Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia: 115
  • Turkey Turkey: 16