Leyre (river)

The catchment area of the river

The River at Mios

The Eyre (sometimes called Leyre ), is a coastal river in France, which runs in the region of Aquitaine. The name of their lower reaches Eyre corresponds to the popular use. The shape of Leyre is from a merger of the French article with the actual name (L' Eyre ) due to poor grammatical analyzes of earlier geographers.


The river rises as Grande Leyre in the municipality of Luglon and drains generally in a northwesterly direction. North of the city Moustey flows from the right Petite Leyre. From here, the river carries the name Eyre ( Leyre ) and ends after a total of 116 kilometers, finally, at the boundary of the municipality of Le Teich and Biganos the Arcachon Bay, a bay of the Atlantic. Your River Delta, with about 3,000 hectares, is the ornithological park of Le Teich. The catchment area of ​​the Eyre corresponds essentially to the Regional Natural Park Landes de Gascogne. Its banks are lined in the lower reaches with a dense deciduous forest, which forms an interesting contrast to the whole area over a large area planted out maritime pines. The river is often used here for canoeing sport. Along the way, Eyre crosses the departments of Landes and Gironde.

Places on the river

  • Pissos
  • Moustey
  • Belin- Béliet
  • Salles
  • Mios