Links (web browser)

Links is a free ( standing under the GPL ) text-based web browser for various Unix operating systems, Linux, OS / 2 and Windows.


The Czech programmers Mikuláš Patocka 1999 published a first version of web browser links and has since been responsible for the project. Originally the name was meant as an allusion to the text -only Lynx browser, which is pronounced the same in English. Links has the ability to display tables and frames, which goes beyond the capabilities of Lynx.

Text mode browser such as links of family, Lynx and w3m, are generally available in two different ways:

The original link is no longer developed functionally, the error will only be resolved. As splits the projects Links2 and ELinks, each made ​​their own improvements to links created. Links2 can display images in graphics mode. Hacked links is another version of links that has taken some ELinks features.

According to the manufacturer, the browser does work on Windows, a guarantee or support it may not provide.